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Welcome all, I wanted to this group for novice/pro writers of publication and screenplays. This is a group to share ideas and concepts to assist fellow writers.
I've written six books, white papers, articles numbering in the 100s and now my first screenplay. not bragging, just stating the facts. I am always looking to learn something new and will offer any assistance I can...
Share your work/ideas and let's help each other.
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Writing Tip, When I first starting writing, I was told by a friend. "writing is like eating an elephant, you can't do it in one sitting, only bits at a time. Write 500 words a day." That's what I did ... View More
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Bill Brock
and I wrote a book years ago for one of our old web sites. Sold it on Amazon. We did pretty good with it. Here is a link to it. Now it is available on the Kindle. View More
July 8, 2021
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