Authors and Screenplay Writers
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Welcome all, I wanted to this group for novice/pro writers of publication and screenplays. This is a group to share ideas and concepts to assist fellow writers. I've written six books, white papers, articles numbering in the 100s and now my first screenplay. not bragging, just stating the facts. I am always looking to learn something new and will offer any assistance I can... Share your work/ideas and let's help each other.
Audrey Avery
Benoît Dubon
Hot Topics and Current Affairs/Politics
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Want to discuss current affairs, breaking news and what's trending? Here is the place to do so. In keeping with the vision of, remember: The words posted here, Are opinions, my dears. Let's have lively discussion, Of things that are in motion. If you don't like the chatter, just think, Really...does it REALLY matter? A kindly reminder why our site exists, Is to get away from all of the BS and tiffs. Enjoy! ~ Dr. Seuzz
Dr. Seuzz
Anthony Gardner
AMB!TCHOUS - with Lisa K
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Did your brand go all janky on you to save a few cents? maybe you're using a big box store bar on your face (GURRRRLLL!)? We got you, boo: AMBITCHOUS is proud to bring you natural, gentle, and generally clean and amazing face line introduction in our BASIC BEST. If you want to try more clean, haven’t been taking care of your face as well as you should, or want something kind for your fragile barrier: THIS is the line to try. BRAND NEW, and FREAKING AMAZING.
Dr. Seuzz
Benoît Dubon
Helmet Head