Stephane Paiement
on June 2, 2021
I got that from a Tmblr post that I follow. Unkown if true or false, but with ammo and firearms, better be safe than sorry
"For all of you out buying ammo? The two pictures are a recent purchase at a walmart. After purchasing the ammo it was noticed that the neck was cracked on one of the shell casings. So every round was inspected and 13 out of 60 of the shells had cracked necks. This isnt walmarts fault. This is the fault of the new manufacturer of remington ammo since post bankruptcy purchase. Vista outdoors purchased Remington ammunition post bankruptcy and seems to have no quailty control. Please check your ammo before purchasing. A cracked shell casing will cause the firearm to exploded and cause severe injury..even death. Just wanted to pass along this info. A lot of first time gun buyers out there and dont know what a danger this is! Please inspect your ammo!"
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Dr. Seuzz
HMMM..Maybe check out these articles for a different perspective ... c/ming soon..
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