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  • Bacteriology – study of bacteria.
  • Balneology – science of the therapeutic use of baths.
  • Batrachology – study of frogs.
  • Barodynamics – science of the support and mechanics of bridges.
  • Barology – study of gravitational force.
  • Bathymetry – study of underwater depth of ocean floors or lake floors.
  • Batology – the study of brambles.
  • Bibliology – study of books.
  • Bibliotics – study of documents to determine authenticity.
  • Bioecology – study of interaction of life in the environment.
  • Biogeochemistry – study of chemistry of the surface of the Earth.
  • Biology – study of life.
  • Biochemistry – study of chemical processes within and relating to living organism.
  • Biomechanics – study of the structure, function and motion of the mechanical aspects of biological systems.
  • Biometrics – study of biological measurement for security purposes.
  • Bionomics – study of organisms interacting in their environments.
  • Biophysics – study of physics of biological phenomena.
  • Biopsychology – application of the science of biology to the study of psychology.
  • Biotribology – study of friction, wear and lubrication of biological systems.
  • Botany – study of plants.
  • Bromatology – study of food.
  • Bryology – study of mosses and liverworts.















  • Quinology – study of quinine.
  • Quantum computing – the exploitation of collective properties of quantum states, such as superposition and entanglement, to perform computation.
  • Quantum mechanics – a fundamental theory in physics which describes nature at the smallest scales of energy levels of atoms and subatomic particles
  • Queer theory – study of issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity


  • Raciology – study of racial differences
  • Radiobiology – study of the scientific principles, mechanisms, and effects of the interaction of ionizing radiation with living matter
  • Radiochemistry – study of ordinary chemical reactions under radioactive circumstances
  • Radiology – study of X-rays and their medical applications
  • Reflexology – study of reflexes
  • Rheology – science of the deformation or flow of matter
  • Rheumatology – study of rheumatism
  • Rhinology – study of the nose
  • Rhochrematics – science of inventory management and the movement of products
  • Robotics – deals with the designing, construction, and operation of robots
  • Runology – study of runes







Live Videos
Stephane Paiement
ESO 350-40, Cartwheel Galaxy
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Stephane Paiement
The core of the Carina Nebula, NGC 3372 // Capturing Ancient Photons
The bright star above left of center is η Carinae, a very bright hypergiant star with a mass between 100-150 times that of the Sun, ... View More
Stephane Paiement
Heckathorn-Fesen-Gull 1, a planetary nebula // ERIC BONNEVILLE
Stephane Paiement
WR 128 (center) and Sh2-84 (upper left) // Jerry Yesavage
Stephane Paiement
A starless Tarantula Nebula // Paul Brandenburg
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Stephane Paiement
The Rose Galaxies, Arp 273 // André Noronha
Stephane Paiement
Neptune & Triton. James Webb telescope
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Stephane Paiement
Orion and its neighborhood. Astronomy for amateurs. 1904.
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Stephane Paiement
NGC 6334, Cat's Paw
Stephane Paiement
Pleiades: Seven Dusty Sisters
Image Credit: Craig Stocks
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