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Here is where you are free to express yourself and tell your secrets without any judgment of any kind. Please be curtios to everyone. There may be some nudity and strong language used.. If this offends you please don't join. Must 18 or older to join.
Sherry Killough
Bill Brock
bob mckim
The Spirit of Christianity
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Christian Group feat. Pastor Roy McGarry Non-denominational Christian Pastor Take up the Sword of the Spirit "Here to tell you how it is, not how you want it to be"
Pastor Roy McGarry
Barb Wired
Bill Brock
Radio America USA
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Internet Radio Station, Radio America USA & Philly and Jersey Radio! Started as Philly and Jersey Radio in 2012 then added the name Radio America USA in 2015 Alternative Internet Radio Broadcasting; Independent Third Party Politics, Bible Based Shows all at the stroke of your keyboard or a click away on your smartphone or smart TV! You'll be enjoying Talk Radio and Bible Based Sermons & Shows you will not see on Television or hear on AM/FM/Satellite Radio! Here, Political, Current Events, Shows and Other Articles posted here Website
Jeff Hertzog
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Pam Branden
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KIng James Bible, Greek Textus Receptus, Hebrew Masoretic Text, Old Latin 157 AD, Shows, Classes & Sermons
Jeff Hertzog
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Burning Prayers
Tom Ford